Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Drive With Them On?

NO! But try our RV Windshield Visors. These will allow you to adjust the position to catch the glare and angles as you need.

Can I Trim Them To Fit?

YES! Just use a sharp pair of scissors. The RV Quick Shades fabric itself will not unravel. If you do trim the width, we recommend you add a drop of superglue or similar to the top hem to ensure that does not unravel - the fabric itself will not unravel.

Should I Use The One Or Two Piece Shades?

That is really a personal preference. If you are traveling more often and putting the shades up & down more often you may like the smaller two piece shade panels. With the large one piece windshields the seamless look of the one piece may be more aesthetically pleasing. It all comes down to personal preference.

What Does Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Mean?

If you are not satisfied with your RV Quick Shades purchase, you may return them for a refund of the full purchase price as long as they have not been altered.

What Are RV Quick Shades Made Of?

Proudly made in the U.S.Aof 100% Textilene, manufactured in the U.S.A. Textilene is woven polyester mesh covered with PVC, offering up to 80% UV and heat reduction. The manufacturer warrants the fabric for 5 years in outdoor applications so inside pretty much forever. Suction Cups are also made in the U.S.A

What Color Is Best?

All colors are rated at the same UV protection rating of up to 80%. The black may feel warmer to the touch because black absorbs the heat rather than reflecting like the lighter colors.

Which Color Gives The Most Daytime Privacy?

White gives the most daytime privacy with beige and grey running a close second. When there is back lighting in the coach, you may see movement. Black gives the least amount of daytime privacy, but not enough difference to make a decision based on that.


Which Color Allows The Best Visibility Out?

Black gives the best visibility looking out. From the outside looking in, it shows the least. Black looks like a tinted window. Beige would be second, Gray and White would follow. All allow you to see out, enjoying the views!


How Do I Choose The Best Color?

Basically it is a personal choice; what is the color of your coach on the outside? The color of the RV Quick Shade will show mostly from the outside looking in, therefore the number one factor should be to co-ordinate with the outside paint scheme. Black is always a neutral shade resembling a tinted window. With the addition of mirror and wiper covers, the outside paint is more a determining factor. Best visibility – Black Lighter/Brighter Coach – White Most Privacy - White, Grey and Beige. Again, the choice is yours!


Are “Inside Mounted Shades” Better Than “Outside Mounted Shades”?

This question will vary based on who you ask. Outside shades are nice; they do the job, however they must be used. Our experience and that of our customers tell us that RV Quick Shades are so easy and so quick they are used each time you stop. Rainy? Heavy dew? What do you do with WET outside shades upon your departure? RV Quick Shades come off the window clean and dry every time ready to go back up again when you arrive at your next destination.

Do they reduce the heat as well? Tests have shown that when a heat indicator was used to compare our RV Quick Shades mounted on the inside to a shade mounted on the outside(made with the same fabric density), the temperature measured 18" back from the windshield proved nearly identical, with the inside shade actually being one degree cooler. Inside or Outside Shades are designed to give you daytime privacy and reduce the UV and heat in your coach.

Many die hard outside shade customers also have purchased the inside shades, they know the benefits and they also know that they do not use the outside shades each time they travel. RV Quick Shades are the shade you will consistently use. They are up and down in a minute - stay clean and dry.


What Makes Your Suction Cups Stay Up And Others I Have Tried Do Not?

RV Quick Shades use only suction cups made in the USA. Many suction cups on the market are cheap and imported. These suction cups have the patented Light-Diffusing Safety Ring that overcomes the undesirable and unsafe lens action of standard clear cups. Light passes harmlessly through the cups, without being concentrated, so there is no hot focal point to damage nearby surfaces.

They are formulated with exclusive UV-resistant compounds that prevent deterioration, becoming brittle and yellowing, while providing reliable service across thermal extremes of -22 to 120 F. Precision engineered cross section design resists strain and stress for long term holding power even at maximum load. (Each cup is rated for 3 pounds).

Easy release tabs permit rapid removal without damage to either the cup or the mounting surface. In addition, we use a higher quality “long Nub“ style attached with a special plastic tacks. Occasionally you may have a “suction cup malfunction”. If this happens, clean your windshield and wipe off the suction cup with a damp cloth. Press it firmly to reapply. If you are staying put for days or months, reach up now and then and press each of the suction cups down again. In simple terms our suction cups "really suck"!


Do I Need Additional Suction Cups?

RV Quick Shades are designed to attach only at the top. Most of the newer coaches have a fairly straight design on the windshield allowing our shades to hang straight down close to the windshield. If your coach has a canted or sloped windshield you may want to purchase additional suction cups for the bottom. Additional suction cups are easy to install and are available our web site. The concept of the Original RV Quick Shade is that it is quick and easy; therefore it is used every time you stop. The more suction cups you add, the less easy and quick it becomes. Instead of a neat clean look from the outside, you will see the additional suction cups.

What Size Do I Need?

It is always best to measure your individual windshield and windows. Measure from the side to the center post (width) and from where you want to attach the RV Quick Shade to the windshield on the tint line then down to the dash (length) - these two measurements will give you the panel size. One piece windshields will measure the full width of the window and can use our Pana Shade Kits. Remember our shades can be easily trimmed for a custom fit.