Testimonials and Reviews

In creating our new web site our past reviews were lost.  Below you will see just a few of the reviews from that page.  One customer even commented that her 13 year old set still going strong.




Excellent for home use

Posted by Don Howard 2020

I used your shades in the motor home. Then I bought a shade, cut it in two and use it in two south facing windows in my home. A wonderful difference. I can see out and block the heat. Well worth the Price. Thanks. Don Howard 



Posted by James Frederick on 4th Nov 2019

I asked for expedited order & shipping due to a small window of time/location. RVQuickShades stepped up & went above & beyond my request. The shades arrived on time & are a perfect compliment for my 33' RV motorhome. Would recommend all aspects of the company & their product.



Posted by Marian Hansen on 27th Oct 2019

We just replaced our front shades since the originals were cut for our previous coach and too short. We got tan this time. Makes the interior much brighter while still blocking the sun. We still use the side shades from from our previous coach but may replace them wit tan ones.


Posted by Frank L on 28th Jun 2019

Very nice product, the shade is a nice heavy duty product. We are very pleased with it.


Posted by Peggy Demarinis on 19th Jul 2019

I needed new suction cups for our privacy shades. The old cups were subjected to direct sunlight for three years. They lasted much longer than I thought they would.
I've ordered from this company before and will continue to do so. Superior quality and super fast shipping.


Posted by JAMIE HUTTO EGAN on 23rd Jan 2018

Our RV Quick Shade is almost 13 years old and still doing the job. Just a few of our suction tabs had become brittle and broken. I was so happy to be able to buy replacements at such a reasonable price. Shipped quickly and received just what I ordred.


Posted by Tammi on 1st Nov 2018

We've been looking for a solution for an interior shade to reduce the heat coming through the front windshield so I was very happy to have come across this product! Very easy to install and I love the fact that we can still see out, but that prying eyes cannot see inside [during daylight]. It's Autumn now, so the real test will come when the heat returns, but I expect this to fit our needs.


Posted by CS on 15th Sep 2018

Have been using foiled bubble one front window to cut down on heat while camping. Works but could never see out during day. This is so much better. came quickly and I had it on the window in no time.


Posted by Diana on 2nd Sep 2018

After a lot of searching, decided to try these shades.
I received my order pretty quickly. My husband and I installed them in less than 15 minutes the 1st time, now it's less than 5 minutes.
My husband believes they help keep our Class A a lot cooler.


Posted by EODLINK on 6th Aug 2018

I'm so glad to of found your product, Out in Texarkana Tx working and the sun and temperature are crazy hot. waiting to see utility bill difference from the reduction of heat now not come through the front windshield.


Posted by Unknown on 30th May 2017

Was easy to put up and really could tell difference in heat coming in the windshield and we still could see out



Posted by Unknown on 10th Apr 2018

We are in west Texas working as gate guards in the oilfield. Our motorhone faces west. This is the best shade for us. In side, doesn't get dirty. We have horrible dust storms here. . Doesn't blow away. Easy to let half down for watching the gate at night. It's perfect. What sold me is it is inside. I can move, remove as needed.


Posted by Unknown on 21st Feb 2017

We purchased the one piece pana shade and although we had to do a bit of trimming, instructions were clear and installation was easy. Pleased with the fact that we don't have to worry about a wet, soggy shade or wind damage. Cats also love them and can see out.

RV Quick Shades Testimonials

"RV Quick Shades are what we needed in the RV community. It took good old American creativity to come up with such a useful and simple idea. We use ours everytime we park the rig. Thanks and keep up the good work!"
Mb and the Bear, Cordele, GA

"I purchased a set of RV Quick Shades 5 years ago. I had been searching for shades for our RV. Every where I looked all I could find was the shades that installed on the outside of the RV and required snaps or turn locks to be installed around the outside of our windshield. I didn't care for that type of shade as they required me to have to use a ladder or high step stool to install and remove shades of that type.

Luckily for me I saw the ad for RV Quick Shades. Further investigation proved they we exactly what we were looking for. The RV Quick Shades were so easy to put in place and didn't require any type of snaps or turn locks as there merely install from the inside with a simple press of the suction cups on the inside of the windshield.

When we visit an RV park my wife installs them from the inside in less that 2 minutes while I go out and connect to the power supply. She is finished installing them before I can return to the inside of the RV. In addition when we are ready to remove them it is another 2 minutes to take them down and fold them to store for our next stop. How simple could it be. In addition we purchased the wiper blade covers as well as the mirror covers.

I have been asked by so many Rvers where they can buy RV Quick Shades. I give them your contact information and have heard so many great comments from my fellow Rvers that purchased them. I wanted to take the time to thank you for making this such a simple and effective method to what others seems to make a difficult and more costly procedure.

Yours truly,"

Ken & Linda, Daytona Beach, FL

"We love our rv quick shades. We had outside ones on our first motor home. We rarely used them when we traveled. It was just too much work to put them up and down all the time. Often they were wet and dirty. The inside ones go up quick down quickly and we use them every time we stop. We feel they do just as well if not better than the outside, especially since they are used. Highly recommend. Thank you."
Patricia, Dallas, TX

"We have had RV Quick Shades in our motorhome for many years and wouldn't live without them. They afford privacy, keep the coach cool and add to the decor of the interior of the coach."
Kathy C., Islamorada, FL

"Have purchased a number of RV Quick Shades products for our RV. They are well made & work great. Recommend highly."
Ken L, Ontario, Canada

"We purchased a great product from RV Quick Shades. The shades are quick to install, quick to remove and quick to stow. One of the best parts of the shades is that they are installed inside and there is no worries installing the shades in inclement weather. The shades also cut down on the heat entering the coach through that big glass window. Loved the RV Quick Shades. Also bought the mirror and wiper covers, kept mirrors and wipers clean when parked for extended stays."
Bob B., Titusville, FL